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Learn more about her low-maintenance option for contraception.

  • Counsel patients to check their threads once a month
  • Reexamine and evaluate patients 4 to 6 weeks after insertion and once a year thereafter, or more frequently if clinically indicated
About Kyleena

Low-dose Kyleena prevents pregnancy for up to 5 years1

  • 98.6% cumulative efficacy over 5 years
  • The efficacy of Kyleena over 5 years was studied in parous and nulliparous women across a broad range of ages and body mass index (BMI)

Fertility is rapidly restored once hormone-releasing IUDs like Kyleena are removed1,2

In a study of 1,452 parous and nulliparous women aged 18-35 years:

  • About 71% of 163 women wishing to become pregnant conceived within 12 months after removal of Kyleena
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Patients using OCs may miss more pills than you realize3

57% of young women (aged 18-31) missed an average of 3 or more pills per cycle3*

Learn more about Kyleena, a non-daily option >

*A randomized controlled trial (N=82) tracked OC dosing for 3 months by electronic and wireless data collection. During the study period, half the participants (n=41) received a daily reminder text message.

IUD=intrauterine device; OCs=oral contraceptives

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